Hey! I’m Jeremy Billett, landscape photographer and lover of wild places from Northern NSW, Australia.

Australian Landscape Photographer Jeremy Billett

Light Hikes is my passion project that combines the challenges and adventure of the great outdoors with the vision of landscape photography. Light Hikes takes the values, skills and experiences of a range of outdoor disciplines to allow for truly inspiring landscape photography in remote and wild places by allowing me to strip back on gear, gadgets and weight so I can spend more time behind the camera in the wilderness around me.

This means I look to the skills of navigation, bushcraft, hiking and camping with the primary goal being to experience and photograph genuine wilderness experiences.

On top of these outdoor skills and adventures, I’m working on perfecting my landscape photography as an art and have been experimenting with new techniques and pushing my understanding of photography in order to develop a more personal and unique vision for my photographic projects.

If you’re keen for adventure, nature and landscape photography please join me along the way as I take my landscape photography to a whole new level in search of true beauty and genuine experiences in Australia’s wild places.

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