Learn to tie just five easy, fast knots to help you set up camp with the skill and speed of a real woodsman. Be the envy of your fellow campers and the ultimate knot lord with a handful of easy knots, chosen for campers, that you can tie and untie in literally seconds.

This clever selection of camping knots will allow you to set up ridge lines, loops, tie downs and tension lines with extremely effective, quick, and easy knots that you’ll remember between seasons.

The five camping knots you’ll learn in the next few minutes will save you hours of time setting and packing up camp, so you can get away on more adventures.

  1. Evenk Hitch
  2. Taut Tarp Hitch
  3. Double Fisherman’s Knot
  4. Prusik Knot
  5. Tautline Hitch

Let’s get to it, these are the best five camping knots in the order of use when setting up camp.

Evenk Hitch

The Siberian Hitch , sometimes referred to as the Evenk Hitch, is one of the fastest and most useful knots for tying down a ridge line to a tree, post or another object.

With one twist of your hand, you’ll have a strong knot which can be tightened as a stationary point, and has a quick release for packing up. Two seconds to tie, one second to untie.

This knot is best used to set your initial tie point for ridge lines or anchor points, so is one of the first you’ll use when setting up camp, and is also one of the easiest to learn.

Taut Tarp Hitch

The Taut Tarp Hitch is used primarily as your second ridge line tie point and allows you to apply good pressure on the line to keep it taut, hence the name.

This knot is very easy to tie and untie with a quick release feature, and makes use of cord friction so you don’t waster your energy pulling a tight line.

If you want to trim down your knot knowledge even more, you can abandon this knot and combine the tightening part at the start with a regular Tautline Hitch Knot detailed below.

Double Fisherman’s Knot

The Double Fisherman’s Knot is perfect for combining two lengths of cordage or rope, or to create an adjustable cord loop, necklace or band.

This is ideal to use if you aren’t able to find a suitable camp location and have to extend your rope to get a ridge line, or to create a secure rope loop that won’t slip.

This knot is the most difficult to learn, but once your loops are created you can leave them in that configuration for a long, long time.

Prusik Knot

The Prusik Knot is an adjustable sliding knot used to attach your tarp to a ridge line, or to attach additional tie points to an existing line at camp.

It is often combined with the Double Fisherman’s Knot above to create permanent fixing loops that can be packed up with your shelter or ridge line, but any loop will work.

Tautline Hitch

The Tautline Hitch is an adjustable knot often used for guy lines on your tent or tarp.

This knot has the ability to adjust the tension on the line in both directions after tying the knot, making it perfect for a flexible setup to adapt your shelter to changes in weather, stretch or how you use your gear.

This knot can also be modified with a quick release loop at the end to make it very easy to untie and is also a possible replacement to the Taut Tarp Hitch for your ridge line.

So with a bit of home practice in an afternoon, you’ll have 5 of the best and easiest knots to use when camping.

The adjust-ability, ease of tying and untying, and the use of friction for most of these make them ideal camping and outdoor knots which are simple to learn and use, and won’t slip in the wet or heat.

Have I missed a knot you regularly use when you’re out bush? Let me know!

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